You all know that one of our main objectives is to demonstrate and teach practices in sustainable living.Ester with Grandma  

The word “sustainable” or “sustainability” has been the buzz word in more recent years AND the objective of sustainability ultimately is to “build up”, “to sustain” rather than “tear down”.

The problem with many of our practices in the world in more recent years is that we have been increasingly tearing down. 

In nature, it has clearly been shown that things work better, when they work together.

For example, when you plant a mono-culture crop of say corn on a plot, you cut out the presence of all other plants, animals and organisms that previously lived and contributed to each other’s welfare on that plot.  The result you get is degradation of the land and ultimately that crop.   

Just as nature needs the cooperation of different elements to be sustainable – so do we – as humans.  We are no different to other elements of nature.  We are part of nature. 

And with that cooperation in mind, it is no surprise that we work best as human beings when we work together – when communities cooperate with each other – the output is greater and the welfare of all is greater – we lessen the divide – we provider a fairer share of the pie.

And that’s why we have appropriately now changed our name to Communities Assist – because we believe there is a sustainable future for all if only we as Communities assist each other – where we share our wealth, knowledge and opportunity.