Schools Program

Our school’s program is aptly titled “Aid Goes Both Ways” as experience tells us that our students gain more than they give. Whether it is working with us here at home or on a field trip at Rainbow Ridge, students gain a deeper understanding and empathy for children and communities living in poverty. They also learn to appreciate what they have at home. They have the rare opportunity to see how they can effect real change.

We provide students with a tangible opportunity to learn about foreign cultures, art, music, language, wildlife and geography. We can tailor our program to the requirements of any particular educational course or experienced required.

School/College/University/Community Group Field Trips

Excitingly, we also offer life changing field trips for students and community groups.  These trips are tailored to the needs of our visitors but typically comprise direct exposure to the application of sustainability practices, how our local neighbours live in Tanzania (daily lives, culture and food) and an opportunity to meet our Kili Kids (always a highlight).

The Trip will increase the participants’ awareness of key global issues and highlight how their voluntary actions can have a positive impact on developing communities around the world.

The service aspect of the trip can be blended with a challenging hike, a wildlife safari or relaxing on the spice island of Zanzibar.

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