The status of our sustainability project at Rainbow Ridge – which is also the home of the Kili Kids – is best shared through our videos – where you get to see real time the difference that your assistance has made –check out our videos now.    

The Real Stories – Reuniting Grandpa and Grandma

Each Newsletter, we like to share with you one of the poignant stories on the ground at Rainbow Ridge.  This quarter, we share  “Reuniting Grandpa and Grandma.” grandpa-and-grandma-with-kili-kids-fataeli-johnson-and-estha-communities-assist

A number of years ago, we shared a story of how 3 of our kids’ (Fataeli, Johnson & Estha) parents had died.  Their grandparents were struggling to support them. The grandparents had insufficient shelter and no means of income to support their grandchildren.  The children had no opportunity for school and were suffering severely from lack of nutrition.  Many of you were shocked at their condition when we share their story with you.

The difficulties that the kids faced did not result from any lack of love but the harsh realities of aids and poverty in Africa.

In fact, Grandpa and Grandma have spent the last 2 years saving money from the odd work here and there, so they could come and visit their grandkids. Grandpa and Grandma live hours away near Pare Mountains.

They travelled on the back of bikes, then bus, then bikes again and walked – and they are both not spring chickens. The kids were just so happy to see their Grandma and Grandpa and their grandparents were over the moon. 

We are so pleased to help families in this way and are always looking to reunite our kids with their families and relatives when the opportunities arise either for a visit or sometimes, permanently when appropriate.