floyd-sen-volunteer-at-communities-assistAnd to show that the fruit does not fall far from the tree, their son Floyd has now journeyed to Africa to take part in our Permaculture/Volunteering Program at Rainbow Ridge.

Floyd will work alongside our permaculture team while gaining his internship in Permaculture through the tutelage of Permaculture Expert, Greg Knibbs of Edge 5 Permaculture.

We expect his experience will be life changing and will share it with you over the next few months.
Floyd has completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science degree, majoring in Environmental Science from insert name of university and recently finished his traineeship with the Green Army program run by Conservation Volunteers Australia in bush regeneration/natural area restoration.

Floyd’s work with our Permaculture Team will build on the foundations of sustainability that we have established at Rainbow Ridge.  They will continue transforming Rainbow Ridge from the blank canvas of red dirt it once was to the productive demonstration site of lush sustainability it is fast becoming.

If you dream of experiencing the transformation of Rainbow Ridge or would just like to volunteer – either assisting Floyd with our Permaculture Team or volunteering as teachers (English, Music, drama or art are in need) please contact us.

The Sustainability Education Centre
Transforming Rainbow Ridge & Poor Communities through Education

Volunteers at Communities Assist

Volunteers at Communities Assist

Pivotal to the transformation of Rainbow Ridge is the objective to use it as ademonstration centre to teach sustainable practices to the local community and to use Rainbow Ridge as a template for creating sustainable living environments elsewhere – as we say collectively – “if we can to it there, we can do it anywhere”.

The next natural progression in our plan is the building of our Sustainability Education Centre.    We are very excited at this further development in our project.  We are building the centre using our shipping containers as structural support – the shipping containers come from Australia full of building supplies from trusty donors – thank you all who contributed to this project over the years.

One of our builder directors, Vince Dyke, is travelling to Rainbow Ridge in September/October 2016 to commence building our Sustainability Education Centre.  See photo of Vince right when digging our first building foundations when Rainbow Ridge was a blank canvas.

We are calling on any building volunteers that might like to go over and assist Vince with the build – please contact us.

We have an exciting year ahead of us.  We are always looking for financial support for our work on the ground – knowing your funds go to this and don’t get eaten up in administration or other costs which are performed by our volunteer base at home.

Don’t forget that you can also contibute greatly here at home by joining our team in any way you think you funds or skills might assist – whether it be by contacting us with fundraising ideas or events in mind, straight donation of funds or sponsoring one of our kids – see “Get Involved” (insert link to Get involved page) with all options.